Business planning

The projects under implementation: some pilot examples

The first pilot hotel project is being prepared for putting into operation, the option for the acquisition of operating hotel is in process of consideration.

We began with small pilot projects to create approaches and team for work in the sphere of hotel business. We divide work on creation of an object of hospitality into several stages: conceptual design; business planning and feasibility study of the project; outline and design engineering; coordination of the project with regional authorities and project binding to infrastructure; design engineering; construction; commissioning; the organization of functioning within the created hotel network. At all stages we involve highly skilled experts and specialized companies.

We pay special attention to business process automation and creation of the single integrated management system as for separately taken hotels, and the groups of hotels. For this purpose we use well known IT decisions for the hospitality industry, and we develop own program solutions as well. Much attention is paid to creation of own booking engine for reservation of rooms in the

Internet as much as possibility to orient operation of sales channels on own Internet resources. Also much attention is paid to own management of sales channels, forming effective price and marketing strategy which will not depend on numerous global and alternative distribution systems (GDS/ADS), which are tried to impose the pricing policy and take away at the same time 15% and even more of the income.

We create own global travel agency which will actively work on the market of tourist services, offering first of all, the hospitality objects belonging to the group. At the same time much attention is paid to interaction with airlines reservation and other tourist agencies.

For developing of the conceptual approaches we participate both in creating hotels, and work on acquisition of already operating ones. Our first projects are placed in Central and Eastern Europe where the market of hotel services still is not saturated, and implementation of new technologies is very actual.